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Aspen, March 2014

I flew into Pitkin County Airport, and it’s a real crapshoot. I sneaked in without too much hassle, but my friend arrived more than 24 hours later than scheduled. Lucky me- it snowed nearly 2 feet the night I arrived, and it was a classic powder day that revived my love for snowboarding. And Aspen of course lives up to its reputation for being a playground for the rich and famous, ritzy on and off the slopes. It’s not a place I can afford to go to often, especially with $124 lift tickets, hotel prices through the roof, and budget meals that will run $20 or more. But, I figured that I would live it up for a weekend, cashing in some frequent flier miles and credit card reward points.

Welcome to Aspen!

Welcome to Aspen!

Powder, Aspen Highlands

Powder, Aspen Highlands

No lack of beautiful views!

No lack of beautiful views!

Looking east towards Independence Pass

End of the day, looking east towards Independence Pass

A big thanks to Mike the chef for showing us around!


Spring riding

Spring riding, warm temps, cloudless skies, mini-ponds, sunscreen, music, beer, long days, soaked gloves, stinky boots, it doesn’t get much better than this. Two days in northern New Mexico, at Taos and Ski Santa Fe:

rubber duckies, lift station, Taos

Dirty mashed potatoes, Taos

Last day of the season, Ski Santa Fe

Looking towards Sandia Crest (50 miles) from Ski Santa Fe

Snowboard boots + no socks = damp, icky boots. Yum.


And in typical Southwest fashion, spring was rudely interrupted by snow the following day, leaving a fresh 20″ of snow up at Taos.