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The Burton Store tour

I’m a Burton window shopping whore. Really. But I’ve bought a total of three things from the stores, a beanie, socks, and a pair of AK pants on discount.

Here’s a photo tour of the Burton Stores I’ve visited so far.

We’ll start in Innsbruck, Austria, where there’s a public bus stop called “Burton Store”. It’s located about two miles from the town center, along busy Haller Strasse, in the office annex part of the European HQ.

IBK, Innsbruck


Drool! I want to buy everything.

Then it’s across the pond to New York. The store is tiny and cramped, but it’s in one of those nifty Soho cast iron buildings.


Burton Store, Soho

And over to the City of Big Shoulders, with the very Chicago touch of having a Mies chair next to the board rack. This one’s in the heart of the Michigan Avenue shopping district, and I’d say probably the nicest of the stores I’ve visited.



To the West Coast, isn’t Melrose Avenue synonymous with snowboarding?


Los Angeles


And over to the Land of the Rising Sun, with the Tokyo store in trendy Harajuku. This one’s a bit disappointing, quite small, probably the least aesthetically pleasing of the stores I’ve been to.


Harajuku, Tokyo

Finally, to the heart of Japan, with the Osaka store in frenetic Shinsaibashi. Much nicer than Tokyo’s, spacious and stylish.


Osaka, Shinsaibashi


I’m still missing the Vermont flagship store, so that’s still on my list. I like how all of them are different, always full of style, but quite individually decorated. I’d say that the Chicago store gets the nod for best design, the furniture inside is very Chicago, while the entranceway is like a mountain lodge, with plenty of wood. Admittedly, though, the Rockies are pretty far from Chicago.