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Murphy Ranch, Los Angeles

Murphy Ranch was one of LA’s strangest places, a compound located in the Santa Monica Mountain foothills above Brentwood. It’s accessed by a two mile hike on a fire road, followed by a bunch of stairs leading down to the bottom of the canyon, leading to a colorful group of ruins. Details of the property, owners, and motives are pretty fuzzy and have been embellished over the years. It’s a reputed self-sufficient compound for a small group of Nazi sympathizers who purchased the land in the early 1930s and recruited a couple of wealthy donors to their cause, who then built some of the structures. This all came to a halt as a result of the war and finances. But that’s besides the point of this post. It now lays in ruins and the City has demolished some of the unstable structures since my visit. The graffiti is colorful, the grounds liberally covered in broken glass and all sorts of leftover spray cans left by the “artists”, and a lot of the structures are rusted and crumbling. I guess you could consider this to be urban exploring lite.

Still life with spray cans

Abandoned water tank

Overhanging ladder, I couldn’t quite deal with climbing this one

Need to step carefully, and keep your tetanus shots up to date!