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Still out hiking!

I’ve been able to get in a number of hiking weekends in Colorado, and have been able to take advantage of stable conditions in early summer. The monsoon has returned, and is really needed at this point, with a disastrous winter, and large infernos that have turned the state into a smoky mess. The smoke is still around in spots, but this past weekend’s rains have been very welcome and have greened up the landscape somewhat.

Completing the 14ers remains one of my goals. I’m still a dozen or so from finishing, but the remaining ones are the difficult hikes, and ones that demand a lot of attention to stay safe. So I expect that I’ll be working at this for 2-3 more years, and hopefully summiting safely. The remaining hikes are in the Sangres, Elks, and San Juans, and Longs. They’re long, big on vertical, and demand a balance of physical stamina and nerves.

Stay tuned for more, I apologize for the lack of picture posts lately!