Prokofiev’s Third Piano Concerto hack

Now for something completely different that’s not travel, architecture, or snow related.

OK, I have to admit enjoying this piece of music, which is totally over the top in technical fireworks, spiky dissonances, and lyrical sections that are quintessentially Russian. There is a rather notorious set of clustered note runs towards the end, so how the hell do you play it?

Yikes! The infamous clustered note glissandos!

Here’s a solution, starting at the beginning of the measure:

RH 5  | 3/2 | 1/1 | LH 1/1 | 2/3 | RH 3/2 | 1/1 | LH 1 | 2/3 | 4 | 2/3 | 1 | RH 1/1 | 2/3  etc.

RH B | A/G | F/E | LH D/C | B/A | RH G/F | E/D | LH  C | B/A | G | A/B | C | RH D/E   F/G

The RH 5 is preferable to the RH 4 for getting the accent on the B at the beginning of the measure. This also doesn’t require the hand placement putting the fingers at the junction between the keys on the piano (although some people can pull it off  just fine).

Oh, and the same fingering can be used for the runs that begin on the E, in other words, one fingering works for the entire series of the runs.

I didn’t study music, btw, so this could be utter BS. But there you go.


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