Orestad City, Copenhagen

Actually, it’s Ørestad City.

I had a brief layover in the city after a business trip in Sweden, and was based for a night in this new section of town. The architecture is first-rate stuff and a lot of fun to explore. For beginners, the construction is currently centered in the southern part of the development, near the Metro and train station, and also on the northern end, near the university and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s headquarters (Danmarks Radio). Both areas have stunning structures, here’s a sampling of the goods.

Housing, Ørestad City

Mountain Dwellings, Bjarke Ingels Group

Pretty ordinary when viewed from the Metro, but a very nifty design up close

Chillin' at 9 PM, Ørestad City

Tietgenkollegiet, Lundgaard & Tranberg

Bella Hotel

The southern section is anchored by Scandinavia’s largest mall and the convention center, so it’s somewhat suburban in character. But the city planners seem to have gotten it right, the Metro stop is nearby, and the ride into town takes just a few minutes and is a scenic parade of interesting and cutting-edge structures. They also did not neglect green space, the parks are well-used and best of all, there are public chairs scattered throughout that are respected as part of the park. In the U.S., they would have been stolen in a matter of days. The demographics of the area is mixed, from what I can tell it is a mix of folks from all over the world.

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  1. Anonymous resident of Ørestad on

    Thanks for the pictures. Great coverage. Next time you stay in the area don’t miss out on the actual southern part of Ørestad (metro stop “Vestamager”, end of the line), which as its most prominent feature has 8House designed by the same architect that brought us the Mountain Dwellings. You can actually walk to the top of this building through a public access staircase. Also the building features a gallery with exhibits by students at 8 different art schools in Europe. There’s also a café with stunning views over the commons and a kindergarten for the locals to have their children looked after. Lots of more stuff down there such as Plug’N’Play (a large outdoor activity area with organic gardens and stuff), the National Park ranger station, which has its own rustic restaurant pavillion, artificial lakes where you can borrow canoes for free and much more. I hope you’ll return one day for a followup on what Ørestad has to offer 🙂

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