Oktoberfest 2009


Couldn’t resist!

Now it’s less fun going on your own, and I arrived a bit too late both Friday and Saturday, so I did not manage to get a seat indoors, but satisfied myself with beers outside, on two very nice fall days in Munich. Friday was a bit of a hazy memory, pretty much I stepped off the train, checked into the hotel, and started drinking, had too much, sobered up a bit at dinner, and finished the evening with a tequila sunrise. The train ride, incidentally, started at 9 AM and people were already sloshed on the train. I still can’t quite get over the thought of drinking alcohol before noon. But then again, midnight is before noon, right?

Serious exercise, she was probably hauling 20 kilos of beer.

Serious exercise, she was probably hauling 20 kilos of beer.

Saturday was incredibly crowded, being a public holiday (Tag der deutschen Einheit), so the tents were filled to capacity and I couldn’t get in. Add to that a football match between F.C. Koeln and Bayern Munich, so you had football fans from both sides at a beer festival. And where else could you be getting drunk sitting next to a Bavarian, an American, a Finn, and an Italian all at the same table?

Despite the warm weather and being packed to the brim on Saturday, attendance this year was down from last year. Undoubtedly the economic crisis, and the threats made against Oktoberfest had something to do with it.


The Augustiner 'tent', capacity 9000+

The Augustiner 'tent', capacity 9000+

Lederhosen, nice.

Lederhosen, nice.


Pavement pizzas in the making

Pavement pizzas in the making

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  1. Yvonne on

    Weekends are always busy. I was there at that time too, the weather was lovely – ideal for a few beer gardens! Here is to next year! Prosit!

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