Goslar and Hildesheim

These two small towns preserve some of Germany’s finest structures.

Hildesheim, the larger of the two, was unfortunately not spared from damage during World War II. The aerial bombings badly damaged the 11th century St. Michael’s Church, one of the great examples of Ottonian / early Romanesque architecture in Germany. So what is seen today is a reconstructed version, but still reflects the gravity and sobriety of the church. The interior, although mostly new, is generally unadorned, save for the richly painted ceiling and a band of angel reliefs at the north transept. 

St. Michael's (Michaelskirche)

St. Michael's (Michaelskirche)

Streetscape, Hildesheim

Streetscape, Hildesheim

The central square is outstanding. It’s dominated by this massive eight story Fachwerkhaus:

Marktplatz, Hildesheim

Marktplatz, Hildesheim

Goslar is fairy-tale Germany, a small town abutting the Harz, with an old town worthy of its reputation. It’s simply cute, and after the visitors had gone home for the day, it was very quiet. I stayed rather late, since my train was not until half past 8 in the evening, and as it’s near the summer solstice, the daylight was long. So I took a tour of the Rammelsberg mines and spent the rest of the time in the old town. The style of the houses is interesting, apart from the half-timbered houses so well-known in Germany, many structures are covered in slate shingles.

Old town, Goslar

Old town, Goslar

The 12th century Klosterkirche Neuwerk, at the edge of the old town, is a quirky Romanesque church, with some interesting features, including a richly decorated exterior, and some weird ‘hooks’ inside:


Apse carvings


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